December 02, 2012

Traci's Married!

 Traci's Married!! 

Here's a quick summary of all the wedding festivities.
I wanted to start with our traditional wedding pic and the last one we'll ever take since were all married now!

 So back to the beginning..

In October Traci decided to have one day for all her showers so people wouldn't have to travel so much. So in the morning she had her bridal shower that the mom's threw for her. 

Callie had gotten sick the day before so she wasn’t able to come but thank goodness for technology so we were able to FaceTime her for pictures and to see the gifts. If you can't tell that's Callie's little face on the phone. haha


Later that afternoon we had Traci's lingerie shower at her parent's lake house.
I tried to keep the theme very girly with a cottage feel since we were kind of in the woods.

 Jenni and Pilar and myself went up there early to decorate. When all the girls got to the cabin they were greeted with a little frame that told them to make fun name tags for their special gifts!

 Here's some more of the decorations and snacks. 

 We also had a hot chocolate/ coffee bar. Which was perfect because it was actually cold that weekend! 

 3 of the 4 of us at the second shower.


Here's Traci's loot! She did pretty good!


 Skip to the day before the wedding...

Traci and I began the wedding fun with a little pampering.
We both got manicure and pedicures so we would be good to go for the wedding.  I also made her wear a little banner so everyone would know she's a bride to be!

Later that night was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at La Hacienda and it was soooo yummy!

Here's the 4 of us yet again. The Christmas decorations in the restaurant really added to the party! It was so festive.

Were both a little excited for the big day!!

Traci's parents rented us some hotel suits so all the bridesmaids and the house party stayed together and we had the bachelorette party!

Traci was dressed and ready for a party!

We had a burlesque teacher come and give us some dance lessons! We had so much fun and just laughed the entire time. She brought boas and everything!
I think she knew we were beginners because she was pretty easy on us! 


Callie was probably my favorite! Great facial expressions! A+


 The next morning we had a bridal brunch hosted by Traci's family from out of town. It was delicious!

After we ate and just hung out a little bit it was time to get our hair did!

Here's a group shot of all the girls who went to get their hair done. 

After we left the hair salon it wasn't long until the big event!

Here's Traci and I right before she was about to go down the Aisle! She looked absolutely stunning!!

I didn't get to take many with my own camera since I was taking pictures with Traci's camera so she would have pics to look at while she was on her honeymoon. 

So here's a few that I stole from facebook!

I love this picture! It's our completed group all the husbands and wives!


 Both the babies were there so they thought it would be funny if I had both of them at one time! They are both so stinkin cute!

And they Lived Happily Ever After!!

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